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If flooding threatens FLOODFIX doors are rapidly deployed in typically less than half a minute each, no tools needed!. Our doors self centre to the frame automatically.

Fit the Best

FLOODFIX removable floodwall barriers have no awkard bottom channel to lift the door into which can fill up with leaves, stones, grit, dirt and water! They are manufactured in our own factory ensuring the highest production quality and swift and economical production of custom size installations.

FLOODFIX does not leak. Watch our test tank video for proof! Watch video here.

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Removable Flood Protection Systems

Need a floodwall? Been Flooded? Threat of flooding?

Protect against the trauma and crisis of flooding with our lightweight removable barrier systems. We manufacture, develop and design proven removable floodwalls and barrier systems that can be easily and rapidly deployed to protect residential, industrial and commercial properties from flooding.


FLOODFIX barriers comprise 2 parts, a fixed aluminium frame and a removable aluminium door that protects doorways, patio doors, windows, cellars, utilities meters, garages, and driveways from the ingress of floodwater. Barriers are available in STANDARD and SET IN GROUND (permitting step free pedestrian, wheelchair and vehicle access) versions. Airbrick covers in three heights are also available.




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Best online prices for custom size barriers.

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Postfix Fence Post Brackets

Fit hanging basket brackets, solar lights, trellis, pots, lighting, shelving etc to CONCRETE fence posts with these clever brackets. Click here for information.